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November Newsletter: Pledge1Gives, Top Contributors, Book Club and More!

Pledge 1% Alumni
Pledge 1%





With Giving Tuesday on the horizon we’re feeling especially grateful here at Pledge 1% and wanted to express our gratitude in our first Community Newsletter! 


Community Launch

 Our Community is the heart of the Pledge 1% Movement and our hope is that by bringing everyone together on this online platform we empower you to learn new approaches, refine strategies, and inspire other business leaders to take this important step. A huge thank you to Builders and Partners who made this happen! 

We’re also grateful for the hundreds of members who have created their accounts and started contributing by sharing their stories, resources and ideas. Here are a few of our top contributors for November: 




@janelle  with Zylo 

Rank: Ambassador 

Join Janelle on a discussion digging into what inspires people to give back, participate, and initiate social impact activities. Join the conversation! 





@MangalaMartinus with Payments Consulting Network 

Rank: Pathfinder

Join the conversation on how you select and work with nonprofits. Join the conversation! 





@InesGarcia  with Get Agile 

Rank: Collaborator

Check out Get Agile’s Member Project submission where Ines talks about social impact measurement.  Member Project submission! 



Honorable mentions: @Diogo @EBright @JaredWhitley @timc @Alison_indigo @ADAPTOVATE @CognitionVicky @daniel_baptista @Gabrielacrego @Mark_Reading @melissablee @philchow @Razz601 @Sameerpeace @satrangtech @SarahFarris  @scordon  & @WR_Mattering 


Thank you all for your contributions! 


Starting in December we’ll also be featuring our Member of Month to let you know who to follow on the community and on social media. Stay tuned and keep sharing on the community for a chance at being highlighted. 



New Resources 


One of the most exciting things about the new online community is that it puts you in touch with the 15,000 Pledge 1% members and the resources and tools that are being created. We’ve very excited to unveil several of those tools written for members by members, including NEW PLAYBOOKS focused on how to get started with your pledge, pledging product and pledging Time. 


How to Get Started Playbook 

Product Playbook 

Time Playbook 


As you browse through these resources, feel free to put your questions in the comments area of each resource or on the Social Impact Forum. The social impact experts behind these great tools are here on the community to help and provide advice. 


Don’t have access to the Playbooks as your company hasn’t taken the Pledge? Check out some of the P1 Resources that are open to the public! Included are event recaps with amazing resources shared by experts in the community. 


Community Growth

So far in the month of November we’ve seen 217 new members register on the community! As you come on we encourage you to join in the conversations, share your social impact story and inspire others with the way your organization is giving back this holiday season. 

As you explore the site remember that it is very customizable! Change your notifications, subscriptions and more in your settings. Need help? Check out our FAQs, join our weekly Community Open Hours, post your question in the support forum or email us


We’ll be introducing new features and ways to engage each month. Here are a few items to notice: 

  • NEW #Pledge1Gives Badge: did you submit your story for the Pledge1Gives campaign? You should see a shiny new badge on your profile as those go live next week. Keep your eye on and make sure to subscribe to the Community Welcome Forum for upcoming campaigns. 
  • We’ll have a new Community Footer in place next week for easy access to resources on the Pledge 1% website and the Community Platform. Don’t forget to click the subscribe button while you're checking it out! 
  • Pledge 1% Community Book Club is coming soon! Are you interested in joining us for a Monthly Book Club where we interview authors in the Social Impact space and engage in an online discussions around topics and issues that are on the minds of businesses today? Do you have a book that you'd like to share with the Pledge 1% Community? Let us know by commenting on this post, or if you're an author, fill out our volunteer application and select Expert Writer. 




A Moment of Thanks 


We wanted to take a moment to share a big thank you to two groups of Community Contributors who put in some extra effort to get the platform ready to launch and are committed to helping us provide you with an amazing resource and area to collaborate: 


Early Adopters - These Members logged in early to test the platform, explore and provide feedback! You’ll recognize them by the Early Adopters badge on their profile. 




 @lpugliano @melissablee @Brandon_Bruce @JaredWhitley @Alison_Michalk @InesGarcia @Matt @ebonyvaz @KatieB @ThomasHeywood @nnxumalo @hjohnson @Fernando @Bret_Peters @LaurenBlack @Michelle @Christina_Andre @gaiasfarmingco @Harry-NJ  & @nicolasvasquez 

Thank You Early Adopters!! 




Community Ambassadors - These Builder volunteers have stepped up to help host the community by providing content, feedback and helping answer your important social impact questions. You’ll recognize them by their Ambassador badge and rank. Read more about badges and ranks on the Community Welcome forum. 


I'm very excited to introduce you to our Community Ambassadors:



@Miles_Procore @jaime_barclay @melissablee @LaurenCoberly @Gabrielacrego @janelle @SarahFarris @Nisha_K @lkeeler @cruiseforgood @Shea_Waldron @codywooten  Thank you Ambassadors! 



Finally just a huge thank you to all of our Members and all the social impact leaders making a difference! Happy Holidays from the team here at Pledge 1%. 





@AmyLesnick @Sophia_P1 @Jan_DAlessandro @MariaChoi @HilaryWoon @Pledge 1 @BrianO @Chris_Apple @Lindsey_P1 @Emilyherman @Bianca_P @Kalan_P1 

Rose Spitzer
Director, Pledge 1% Community

Pledge 1% Alumni
Pledge 1%

Great! We're excited to kick off the Book Club after the holidays. 
I have to say I love the title of the book you mentioned. Added to my reading list!

Rose Spitzer
Director, Pledge 1% Community

Director, Business Systems, Khoros

Definitely interested in that book club - looking forward to learning more.  When I was at Bazaarvoice (prior to Khoros) and we launched the early version of what would become the BV Foundation, we had people in that committee (and our Marketing team) read "Let My People Surf" by the founder of Patagonia as we were working on the idea of brands taking stands and Patagonia was a customer.  They and Ben & Jerry's led the way early on to what is now seen as common in the past few years of marketing.

Deb de Freitas
Director, Business Systems @ Khoros

The Climate Action and Green Recovery Playbook

The Climate Action and Green Recovery Playbook will serve as a roadmap for all Pledge 1% companies to get involved in combating climate change through leveraging our unique resources, employee activations and engagement, and internal and external policies that consider all stakeholders, including the planet.

Playbooks are a Pledge 1% Member resource. Not a Member yet? Take the Pledge today for full access to the Pledge 1% tools & resources.