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Curated Reads: Trendsetters May 2024

Welcome to Trendsetters, our community series curating diverse, thought-provoking social impact content. What social impact content has recently sparked your interest, and how can these insights be applied or adapted in your workplace? Share your ref...

by Community Manager

Community Manager, Pledge 1%

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Partnership with charitable organisations

Hello P1 community! For those of you who have partnered with charitable organisations in the past, what strategies made the partnership successful? How would you approach the partnership differently in the future?

by Advocate

Director/Business Manager, Index Engineering

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Community Connection: June & July 2024

In this edition of "Community Connection," we share events happening around the world in June and July of 2024.  Whether it's a live gathering or a virtual summit, this series is designed to connect you with opportunities that align with your passio...

by Community Manager

Community Manager, Pledge 1%

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The Climate Action and Green Recovery Playbook

The Climate Action and Green Recovery Playbook will serve as a roadmap for all Pledge 1% companies to get involved in combating climate change through leveraging our unique resources, employee activations and engagement, and internal and external policies that consider all stakeholders, including the planet.

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Activating your Ecosystem for Pledge 1%

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Ansarada and Adara: Pledge 1% partnership in action

Author: Adara Development It was a desire to make a difference that first put Pledge 1% on Ansarada Co-Founders’, Sam and Rachel Riley’s radar. And it was a transformative meeting with Adara Group Fou...