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Pledge 1% Alumni
Pledge 1%

One of the greatest ways to inspire and educate others is to tell your story. We encourage you to use this Member Project blog to let the Pledge 1% Community know what your organization is passionate about, how you've made an impact and the lessons you've learned along the way. Here are some of the things we welcome you to share here: 


  • Tell us about your current project, no matter what stage it's in
  • Post updates along the way
  • Share exciting announcements
  • Let other members know when there are opportunities to collaborate or support 
  • Tell us your success stories 
  • Post your tips and takeaways to help others on their journey
  • Share your Impact Reports
  • Show different perspectives from your project by posting thoughts or interviews with your team members


Note: Community Member Blogs are reviewed before going live so you may experience a delay between submitting and seeing on the website. You must be a Pledge 1% Member to submit. Not a member yet? Find out more and take the Pledge today!


What are we looking for when we review your blog contribution?

  • Descriptive title: should the reader know what to expect from the content by the title of the blog post?
  • Has a cover photo been added?
  • Are there clear take-aways for the reader, such as:
    • Tangible advice / tips
    • Invite to collaborate
    • Questions directly inviting post replies/engagement
    • Links to resources
    • etc...