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CEO Evaluation and ESG Aspects

Hey everyone! I would love to learn more about how CEO evaluations are conducted within your company, with a specific focus on incorporating ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) aspects. If any of you have an approach that you'd be willing to ...

by Ambassador

Social Impact Lead, Rock Content

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SisterWorks Potluck

Host a Potluck for SisterWorks.Potluck is the great Australian tradition of 'bringing a plate', the result being a random but brilliant feast of different dishes from diverse cultures. Host your own SisterWorks Potluck fundraiser and support migrant,...

Host a Potluck.jpg
by Adventurer

Founder and Managing Director, Silver Lining Agency

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We are HiveClouds!

Hello everyone! Being a part of the Pledge 1% community makes us immensely happy, we're extremely proud of our team for wanting to put in the effort to give back. Our team at HiveClouds looks forward to being a part of this wonderful community; it's ...

by Adventurer

CEO, HiveClouds

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We are looking for nonprofits and schools in and around California who want to take a full truck (25-30 pallets) of Pocky for donation. Each pallet is around 400 cases aka around 16,000 boxes of Pocky. Do you know anyone? Details: https://www.liquido...

by Path Finder


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We Are Areya Technologies!

Hello everyone! Being a part of the Pledge 1% community brings us immense joy. Our team at Areya Technologies is elated to introduce ourselves as an Information Technology company based in the US, with offices in India (Bangalore and Pune). Our compa...

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