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Has anyone worked on a salesforce partner alliance partner? if yes please provide me information on that topicEmail me on nihar@nsiqinfotech.com

Flood Relief in San Francisco

Has anyone worked with an impactful organization addressing the floods in SF? Wondering if there are solid potential grantees other than the Red Cross? Thank you! @members #disasterrelief

Your Impact Report 2022

New year, time to update and publish Impact reports.Here goes mine: https://getagile.co.uk/impact-2022/ What are other members Impact Reports?

Get Agile Ines Garcia Impact Report 2022.png
by Discoverer

Agile Coach, Consultant, Author , Get Agile

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Vetting Non-profits

Hi Everyone, We'd love to learn more about what criteria and processes do you have in place to vet non-profits prior to donating. We do not have Benevity or other budget for tools like Guidestar so I'm curious to understand how we can get scrappy aro...

by Adventurer

, ServiceTitan

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1% for the Planet Certification

Hi Community, I shared with one of our fellow portfolio companies how our company (Force Management) has taken the 1% pledge. They are currently considering taking the 1% for the Planet pledge, but are curious about taking the Pledge 1%. Are there an...

by Path Finder

Aide de Camp, Director Community Impact , Force Management

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