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Partnership with charitable organisations

Hello P1 community! For those of you who have partnered with charitable organisations in the past, what strategies made the partnership successful? How would you approach the partnership differently in the future?

by Advocate

Director/Business Manager, Index Engineering

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Quantifying Volunteerism!

Hello P1 Community! I'm curious to know if your attempts to measure volunteer contributions have had any impact on the commitment and enthusiasm of your volunteers. As you started tracking and reporting on your programs did you see an increase in ent...

by Path Finder

CEO, LDA Digital Solutions

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Pledging 1% of revenue

Hi fellow pledgers! I'm looking for some advice on approach to fulfilling my company's 1% pledge. We are already pledging 1% of our revenue towards environmental impact by giving to non-profits working hard to protect our planet. We joined Pledge 1% ...

by Path Finder

Managing Director, As It Should Be Ltd

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GivingTuesday - November 28 - Is anyone running an activity?

Hey fellow Pledgers! It's GivingTuesday next week (Tuesday 28th Nov) and I was keen to know what people have planned (if you are planning anything!). We love hearing what other orgs are doing, and seeing new ideas (it can be hard to always come up wi...

by Helping Hand

Social Impact @ Atlassian Foundation, Atlassian Foundation International Limited (AFIL)

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Resolved! Where to Start?

Hi All, We have just signed up and see there is wealth of information and forums. Any tips to get started and any must read posts? Thanks.Kamlesh

Resolved! 1% profit

Kia ora / hello Pledgers. I'm interested to hear from organisations pledging 1% profit. I'd love to understand:- How do you calculate / plan for profit being delivered (e.g. do you deliver 1% of the previous years' profit / 1% average over the last f...

by Explorer

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Outsourcing Volunteer Event Management?

Do other companies here have experience working with 3rd party vendors or consultants to help program manage ad-hoc volunteer events? Braze will be hosting its annual Volunteer Week later this year, and I'm curious if there are groups out there who p...

by Path Finder

CSR Sr. Lead @ Braze, Braze

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