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Partnership with charitable organisations

Director/Business Manager, Index Engineering

Hello P1 community!

For those of you who have partnered with charitable organisations in the past, what strategies made the partnership successful? How would you approach the partnership differently in the future?


Michelle Fifis
Community Manager
Community Manager
Community Manager, Pledge 1%

Thank you for your question, @Ingrid_IndexEng. We have an event on May 23rd on this topic, but I will also tag a few members who may have experience building successful partnerships. @jmck1982@Becky-DB@anibalcardenas and @Railside - we would love to hear from you if you have time to share!

Kali N
Helping Hand
Social Impact @ Atlassian Foundation, Atlassian Foundation International Limited (AFIL)

@Mark_Reading are there any insights we can share from the Atlassian Foundation journey?

Social Impact @ Atlassian Foundation

Head of Atlassian Foundation and Chair of Pledge 1% Board, Atlassian

My comments here regarding multi-year partnerships with unrestricted funding, and the linked article contain one of the key insights from the Atlassian Foundation journey.


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