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Who else is giving unrestricted, multi-year grants?

Head of Atlassian Foundation and Chair of Pledge 1% Board, Atlassian

As the head of the Atlassian Foundation, one of the many things I am proud of in the way we work and the impact we have is that our default approach to partnerships and grant-making is multi-year, unrestricted grants.

The feedback we've had from the organisations we partner with is that they derive huge value from both elements of this approach - i.e. unrestricted and multi-year.

Who else is adopting a similar approach and what has been your experience?


Here's a brief article containing good insights on this topic.


Michelle Fifis
Community Manager
Community Manager
Community Manager, Pledge 1%

@Technology_Mindz@SamanthaKenny, and @GenerosIT - I thought you might have an experience to add to this discussion?

Director/Business Manager, Index Engineering

Yes, our business gives an unrestricted donation which allows the charities we support to use it how they want. We also have funded two of the same charities for the last four years while the third charity (a local need) is one that we reassess each year.  I am not really sure if voicing a commitment to multi-year donations would make a difference to the charities or not, and it is not something I have asked (or they have mentioned). Would be interesting to hear what other people's experience is.


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