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Airteam supports the Environmental Defenders Office

Original article here Author: Patrick Goffin At Airteam, we strive to make a positive impact, not just through the software products we create, but also through the partnerships we foster and the valu...


Environment, Social & Governance at Toast

Original article here Author: Toast Our purpose at Toast is to enrich the food experience for all. We bake sustainability, social impact, and equity into our business strategy, operations, and product...


Streamlining Donor Engagement for Waverly Robotics

Original article here Author: Evolving-Consulting Waverly Robotics, a multi-tier robotics program serving Waverly Community Schools in Lansing, MI, has seen remarkable growth since its inception in la...


Remitly 2023 Global Impact Report

Original article here Author: Remitly At Remitly, we are committed to making transactions more affordable, accessible, and relevant through digital innovation—because when individuals have access to t...


Zoom's FY2024 Impact Report

Original article here Author: Zoom This year’s Impact Report brings together our company strategy, sustainability, social impact, and diversity, equity and inclusion efforts into a single report for Z...


Rushenka Perera: Catalyst for Change and Social Impact

Rushenka Perera Head of Marketing ANZ, SAP Sydney, Australia If you could describe yourself in one word, what would that be and why? Change agent. Ok that's two words, but my approach is to look at a...


Why the road to IPO is an ideal time to join Pledge 1%

Original article here Author: LOUIS TÊTU If you take a quick scan of recent headlines about corporate ESG momentum, you’re likely to see the word “trend” popping up time and again. It’s a word that co...


Activating your Ecosystem for Pledge 1%

Co-created by Salesforce and Pledge 1%. There’s no better advocate for the Pledge 1% movement than a Pledge 1% company. Each company that has taken the pledge has earned the credibility -- and has the...


Ansarada and Adara: Pledge 1% partnership in action

Author: Adara Development It was a desire to make a difference that first put Pledge 1% on Ansarada Co-Founders’, Sam and Rachel Riley’s radar. And it was a transformative meeting with Adara Group Fou...


SpringFive Impact Report

Author: SpringFive Pledge 1% member SpringFive shares how its team is having an impact by donating 1% of equity, team time, and product via Pledge 1%. Read their Impact Report HERE for more.

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