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Go Give One This Giving Season

Less than 8% of people in low-income countries have been vaccinated compared to more than 60% in high-income countries. That means 1 in every 13 people in a low-income country has received their first...


Maven Mule joins the Pledge 1% Movement!

  Now—more than ever—our 1% matters, and we are excited to announce that we are joining 15,000+ Pledge 1% members around the world in rallying our teams and partners to give back. Our profit donation ...


Embedding Acts of Kindness in Business Every Day

  Imagine a world where everything you do makes a tangible, positive impact. Imagine if every time a coffee shop sold a coffee, someone in need receives access to life-saving water, or for every book ...


CloudKettle and We Are Young

  CloudKettle is a Salesforce Partner, and proud to be a Pledge 1% company. Over the years we have supported various organizations in our community in Halifax, Nova Scotia, including We Are Young - a ...


Get Agile: Find your niche, find your core

As a self-preneur, 2021 was a year of reflection. Improvements to do good (and do well) do not have to be a mammoth job nor a big convoluted process. I like to keep things simple. On my own journey I ...


Lob’s Inaugural Impact Week: Claws for the Cause 2021

This month, hosted its very first company-wide Impact Week: Claws for the Cause. The goal of the event was to give all employees an opportunity t o have a positive social impact while at work....


Board Games Session in Associação Integrar

Fidizzi Pledge Happy Day! Our commitment is to give 1% of our time and profit to worthy causes, and that is why Fidizzi will help to carry out this activity that will aim to hold two board game sessio...


It Often Begins With a Book

It often begins with a book. The Power of One, by Bryce Courtenay, is about a boy navigating his way through adult dysfunction, peer bullying, and kindness from caretakers that fuels his maturation an...


Konnectryx and The Stay Beautiful Foundation

  Konnectryx was honored to have the opportunity to donate its time and expertise in 2021 to The Stay Beautiful Foundation. This foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides beauty and wellnes...


Making Every Day Giving Tuesday

    Giving Tuesday, the global movement to encourage and celebrate philanthropy and a commitment to social impact was founded in 2012 as a response to the consumption-heavy holiday shopping season. Th...


Social Champ's pledge to give back

  Social Champ began with a dream, and since then, we have only gotten bigger and better. Our startup had a vision behind it, which made it unique and extremely solution-oriented, and result-driven. S...


Vestaboard's Inspire Community gives back

  Inspire Community winner Britny Garcia uses Vestaboard to build positive thinking in her middle school special education classroom in Gilbert, Arizona.“What I appreciate most about Vestaboard is the...


GearsCRM and Budsies Pals

GearsCRM has been a fully-remote company since we were founded in 2009, with all of our employees working from home. We’ve always leveraged our internal communication channels to share ways to give ba...


Gerent Gives: Blessings in a Backpack

This year, Gerent launched a very special back-to-school giving campaign. While school supplies are always needed for children returning for the year, we know that 13 million children (one in six Amer...


OSF Digital: Dedicated to Serving Our Communities

OSF Digital is a team of innovators. We believe we can—and must—extend our inventiveness to create a positive impact in the communities where we operate. It’s a part of who we are as a company. Throug...


Prolifiq believes in giving back

  As a part of Prolifiq's Pledge 1%, we continue to emphasize the importance of giving back to our communities in Portland and Chicago, whether it is volunteering at local food banks, book banks or fo...


Horizon Therapeutics Boards+

Generous financial support and event volunteering will always be foundational ways for companies to support local community and non-profit organizations. But at Horizon, we’ve added a progressive new ...

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