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Community Manager

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Pledge 1% is launching a new blog series, First 100, to celebrate how companies under 100 employees are making an impact through their Pledge 1% programs. Over the past 5+ years, we've heard amazing stories from smaller (under 100 employees) companies. We want to highlight these members and provide more examples and ideas that inspire other businesses to do the same. 


Any Pledge 1% member company under 100 employees can participate. The Pledge 1% team will review, draft, and design each piece to share on the Community and across our social media (@PledgeOne). We encourage you to tune in, comment, and share any stories from your team and network! 


This will be an ongoing series and we are aiming to go live with the first story in mid-October.


This is a great opportunity for our community to learn about and share how you are achieving your social impact goals – whether that’s through your time/product/profit/equity pledges, leveraging leadership and influence, instituting inclusive hiring and internal policies, or other programs. 


If you have any questions, please email Kait at



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