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Already since our foundation in 2017, we are a proud Pledge 1% member to support non-profit organizations and other charitable causes with our social commitment and entrepreneurial success. Taking responsibility and showing social commitment is very important to us as a company and we stand up for our values. Pledge 1% as a global movement, drives the shared vision that every company gives back a part - 1% - e.g. of its time, product, service or profit to society. We have decided to take our time to do good and make a difference.



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Each year, our colleagues from Eigenherd GmbH collectively choose which organization can be supported with our work time. One of the two available days for Pledge 1%, for example, was used by our employees from the team in Berlin to collect garbage together in the Hasenheide which is a park there. Together with an initiative of the city cleaning in Berlin (BSR=Berliner Stadtreinigung) which is called “Kehrenbürger” they helped to keep the city a bit cleaner. With the support of BSR, this initiative offers a platform in Berlin that promotes volunteer beautification and cleaning campaigns in neighborhoods where the city cleaning BSR itself is not responsible for cleaning. Since 2005, they are a member of the international action alliance "Clean up the World"; which campaigns worldwide for cleaner cities.


“I am part of the team in Berlin and participated in the cleaning day which was my
first experience with Pledge 1% since I joined Eigenherd more recently. It was
nice and sunny so we had a lovely day cleaning the Hasenheide park in Berlin!
My highlight of our cleaning initiative was a random guy who saw our work and
wanted to support us. We gave him some of the tools and he started cleaning too
- so we inspired him! Hopefully more people get inspired by this.”

- Sebastian Christoph



We could not agree more with Sebastian and are proud to use our work time with Pledge 1% to help nonprofit organizations and make a visible difference in our local home. That is one step towards a more sustainable and socially aware future that we are more than happy to be a part of.