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Community Reputation & Ranks

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Community Reputation


The Pledge 1% Community is your social impact go-to for expertise, inspiration, answers, resources and peer-to-peer support. To help as you engage with others in the community we've developed a reputation system that rewards and showcases members who continually support the community by being inquisitive (asking questions), generous (providing answers and expertise) and encouraging (marking answers as solutions and giving kudos).  




As part of the community reputation we've created Ranks and Badges that grow and add to your profile as your contribute to the community. This post focuses on ranks, but we encourage you to read up on badges here:  Community Reputation and Badges.


Our ranks were created around the theme of giving and inspiring others through our travels; helping bolster relationships and knowledge through a shared goal. Working together, we can make a greater impact. 


            List of ranks: 




There are 22 ranks, with the top rank being 1% Hero. As you move through the badges you'll have the opportunity to gain additional features and be showcased in the community.


There are a few ranks that are attached to a job or role within the community. Examples of this are Moderator and Ambassador. 


You can view ranks on a community member's profile and on their posts: 



Capture.PNGHow exactly do you move up in rank and what features are unlocked? You'll have to jump in to the community and engage to find out. 😊 I will tell you that the main contributions we're looking at are: 

  • Interacting with others: post questions, reply to others posts, and start new topics
  • Providing valuable answers: post answers that are marked by the initiator as a solution or receiving kudos
  • Encouraging others to engage: posting replies and giving kudos

Basically, the more you contribute the higher you'll climb in the ranking and be showcased in the community. We have some fun ideas coming soon around leader boards and community MVPs. Stay tuned and in the meantime, don't forget to introduce yourself to the community here. 


Rose Spitzer
Director, Pledge 1% Community

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