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Community Manager

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Record Point, a member of the Pledge 1% community, is dedicated to making a positive impact in their local and global communities. They stand behind causes their employees are passionate about and align with their company's values.


Record Point champions DV Safe Phones' mission to supply 'secure' mobile phones to domestic violence survivors.


This collaboration has significantly transformed the lives of over 500 individuals impacted by domestic violence in Australia.


DV Safe Phone: A Lifeline for Domestic Violence Survivors

Founded by Ashton Wood in April 2020, DV Safe Phone is a unique initiative that strives to repurpose unused mobile phones from people's drawers and place them in the hands of those who need them the most—domestic violence survivors. This program has been a beacon of hope for individuals who often find themselves isolated and in distress during emergencies due to the loss of their vital means of communication.


The DV Safe Phone initiative operates by providing refurbished mobile phones to domestic violence victims through partnerships with registered charities, safe houses, and authorities. These mobile phones act as lifelines for victims, enabling them to connect with loved ones and essential services, offering them a way out of abusive situations.


The impact of this initiative is not to be underestimated, as it has distributed over 6,800 life-saving devices, each one representing a transformed life through the gift of a safe phone. The collected old mobile phones donated by individuals play a vital role in this program, providing victims with a means to reach out for help and support during their most challenging moments, free of charge.


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Get Involved and Make a Difference

The DV Safe Phone initiative's mission is clear—to make a difference in the lives of domestic violence survivors by repurposing unused mobile phones. You can get involved by visiting to find out where you can donate your old mobile phone. Your contribution, no matter how small, can have a significant impact on someone's life.


To gain a better understanding of the work, mission, and impact of DV Safe Phone, we encourage you to watch this video,, which offers a firsthand look at the positive changes this initiative is making in the lives of those affected by domestic violence.



Join the Movement

Record Point's commitment to supporting causes like DV Safe Phone demonstrates how businesses can play a pivotal role in driving positive change. To learn more about DV Safe Phone and how you can contribute to this life-changing initiative, visit their website at


Your support and involvement are greatly appreciated as we strive to create a better, safer future for those affected by domestic violence.