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Community Manager

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At Atrium, our three core values are diversity of thought, authenticity, and initiative. All three are at the center of Atrium’s Pledge 1% partnership and Cultivate program, founded in September 2020, with a mission to give back by donating time and expertise to nonprofit customers and charitable organizations.


When searching for a new volunteer opportunity that aligned with Cultivate, one of Atrium’s consultants reconnected with the Linda W. Daniel Foundation (LWDF) and decided to champion an internal Atrium volunteer program to support the LWDF's #MoveMeMonday (MMM) campaign. As Mondays are a notoriously difficult day to get momentum, MMM encourages the LWDF’s social media followers to get moving on Mondays through various forms of exercise. They then turn that exercise — measured by “beats” — into funds donated to top-tier cancer research facilities on the participant’s behalf.


As per the LWDF: “Each Monday, for every mile participants run, walk, bike, swim, etc. or 15 minutes they exercise, participants earn 1 beat. For every beat shared via [The LWDF’s] social media channels or website, the LWDF raises $1 to support select cancer organizations on a one-for-one basis. Anyone anywhere can participate.” Atrium ran with this idea, and pledged an additional $3 for every beat an employee generated.


Over the course of four Mondays in May and June 2021, the Atrium team contributed a total of 977 beats, raising $2,931 for the LWDF. A collective 14,655 minutes of exercise generated those beats, with 75 unique teammates participating remotely across the U.S. and in India. Those funds went to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s patient navigation program, which supports Dana Farber’s most vulnerable patients. The Atrium team is proud to not only reframe the conversation around exercise and team building at a distance, but most importantly, raise funds together for a meaningful cause.

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