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OSF Digital is a team of innovators. We believe we can—and must—extend our inventiveness to create a positive impact in the communities where we operate. It’s a part of who we are as a company.


Through the OSF Foundation, we contribute to various charitable, cultural, educational and socially responsible causes. Employees worldwide have participated in our initiatives, and it’s helped foster pride and motivation among our team.


As a company, we focus on three areas:


Quality Education & Children


We feel all young people can thrive when given the right tools and opportunities. To help level the playing field for disadvantaged students, we grant 30+ scholarships annually to stellar students so they can reach their full potential and have a chance at a better future.


We also created the OSF Academy, a unique training program for adults interested in web programming. Candidates without prior experience in the tech field can use this opportunity to fast-track their careers.


Other efforts that focus on education and children include:


  • Sponsoring 45+ children annually to attend summer camps
  • Funding childcare center projects such as a playground
  • Supporting low-income families during the holidays
  • Donating school supplies, books, laptops, PCs, food, and clothing to children from low-income communities, with 200+ devices donated to date


Gender Equality


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In 2020, some of the women at OSF created the OSF Women’s Network to bring together female employees to provide a network of support for each other. In 2021, they continue to encourage each other, share personal stories, and sometimes just provide necessary laughs during a stressful workday.


The group’s shared goals:


  • Raise the number of women employed at OSF to 50%
  • Help moms cope during maternity leave and support them to integrate faster when they return to work
  • Share information and support to help women grow professionally and personally


Environmental Responsibility


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The team at OSF believes that daily actions can contribute to building a brighter future for our planet. That’s why we started collaborating with Reforest’Action, an NGO with a unique model of crowd planting to preserve and restore forests on a global scale.


We invited our clients and partners to join us in this program, and together we planted more than 4,000 trees so far globally. By creating our forest, we’ve already positively impacted climate, biodiversity, health, and employment worldwide.


  • 623 tons of CO2 stored
  • 12K+ animal shelters created
  • 16K+ months of oxygen generated
  • 4K+ working hours created


The OSF team is looking forward to continuing these efforts and more.


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Content Writer,OSF Digital

On behalf of the OSF team, we're excited to have our work featured in the Pledge 1% blog. We're proud to be a part of this community, and we're inspired by all the other stories featured on #GivingTuesday!