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Community Manager
Community Manager
,Pledge 1% (HQ)

This year, I’m most proud of how we’ve engaged our Contentstack employees and their extended families in some of our pledge initiatives. These have been strong culture reinforcers for the organization. 


When you see team members as the whole people they are -- with kids they’re doing homework with or shuttling to practices, elder parents they’re caring for, or nieces and nephews they’re helping build lego sets -- it tells you a lot about who they are. It also brings you closer as an organization.


Two special moments got us closer to the kids. We put together a reading night for our Contentstack tribe and their little ones for International Literacy Day. Employees volunteered to read out loud in a virtual event and kids across the company participated. They each also received books in the mail courtesy of Contentstack to help feed their love for language.





We also brought attention to International Day of the Girl with this video. Girls are powerful, resilient, imaginative and thoughtful -- but we didn’t ask stakeholders to take it from us. Our employees' daughters shared what they want to be when they grow up and also told stories of girls who changed the world. We found we have future inventors, pediatricians, paleontologists, doctors, conservationists, activists, and more in our midst. We also donated to GirlUp, an organization dedicated to helping girls pursue their dreams and expand opportunities worldwide.





And, in a year when COVID ravaged the world, we made vaccines available to our employees and their families in Virar, India, Contentstack’s engineering hub. In just two days, we administered 421 vaccinations. We also raised $75,000 for additional COVID relief in the region. Our employees came to work while dealing with sickness and stress. We wanted to help them feel safe and supported, and stay healthy.





For us, it was a year of getting closer as people as the pandemic still by and large kept us physically apart. That closeness -- spurred on by lifting each other and our communities up together -- also made us stronger.