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In this episode of Indie Pioneers, we chat with the co-founder of Inna Organic about the brand’s challenging journey towards pioneering the concept of an organic-certified facial sheet mask.


In today’s market, the notion of creating an organic product would not bat an eyelid. But when Cecily Pan and Jimmy Wang set out to develop an organic-certified sheet mask five years ago, the pair had to contend with an industry that did not even understand how to make that dream possible.


“At that time, there was not even one factory in Taiwan that was certified, and people didn’t know how to get it certified. We had to survey more than 20 manufacturers and ask if they want to join the journey with us,”​ said Wang, the co-founder of Taiwanese beauty brand Inna Organic.


Furthermore, their organic vision was rebuffed by naysayers who did not believe the Asian market was ready for organic products.


“Before we went into the market, I consulted people with experience in the industry and they kept telling us not to go for it, that the market was too small, and that people didn’t really care about organic products,” ​said Wang.


Despite the obstacles, the business partners pushed ahead with their goals.


“At that moment, we decided to do what we really wanted to do. This was the only way that could drive us to make things the best because we were on the path to pursue our dream and goals,” ​said Wang.


Today, Wang is excited about the introduction of many new and existing brands on the market that are launching their own organic sheet masks.


“With more brands in the market, this helps to boosts the customers’ awareness. At the same time, it’s also a driving force to inspire us not to be satisfied… we have to keep the momentum to make ourselves better, make our products better.”

As a pioneer in this space, Wang said sharing the company’s story would hopefully help another brand on their own journey in the organic cosmetics space.


“As a pioneer, we share with other brands in Taiwan about how to get products certified organic. We believe that if we are only one in the market doing this, we can’t create public awareness. And ingredient developers can also see the market is growing and will be more willing to develop quality ingredients.”


Aside from creating organic beauty products, the pair is passionate about giving back to organisations that champion children’s education.


The firm is a member of Pledge 1% and has contributed to charities such as Kid’s Bookhouse​, Teach for Taiwan​ and Street Child​.


“We need more people to care about children’s education so that the next generation cares about the environment. We can keep this momentum up to make the world better,” ​said Wang.


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