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Community Manager
Community Manager
Content Writer, Pledge 1%

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In honor of Earth Month, we're launching a Pledge 1% series all around Climate Action!


With the help and support of our members, we’ve developed some of today’s top tools and resources for companies to take climate action in a way that’s sustainable for their business and that’s aligned with their values. Every day in April, we will use this blog to build on these materials to share new case studies from our members, facts and tips from climate experts, and other actionable steps our teams can take today – at home and/or at work – to combat climate change.


We understand that the world is facing unprecedented challenges at the moment.  Unfortunately,  geopolitical tensions are only accelerating an already critical climate crisis. As teams and businesses, taking action has never been more urgent and needed. 

When it comes to the climate, our collective 1%s can have a real and immediate impact. We are so grateful for all that you are doing - please use the Social Impact Forum to share your tools, strategies, plans, and ideas for how we – as businesses and individuals – can combat climate change.


Want to learn more about how to incorporate climate action into your business? Download our Climate Action and Green Recovery Playbook for case studies and actionable next steps for your company.