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Zuora provides a leading monetization platform for recurring revenue businesses across all industries, enabling companies to unlock customer-centric business models. After starting with Zuora Billing in 2007, Zuora’s award-winning multi-product portfolio now includes Zuora Revenue, Zuora Collect, and Zephr, a Zuora Company. Zuora serves as an intelligent hub that monetizes and orchestrates the complete quote to cash and revenue recognition process at scale. Through its industry leading technology and expertise, Zuora helps more than 1,000 companies around the world nurture and monetize direct, digital customer relationships. 


Zuora believes that the World Subscribed is a better world. By facilitating access over ownership, the Subscription Economy has the ability to democratize goods and services for all. It brings new freedoms (time, place, potential) that we didn’t have before and it creates sustainable communities by more efficiently using resources and commodities.


Kiva envisions a financially inclusive world where all people hold the power to improve their lives by crowdfunding loans and unlocking capital for the 1.4 billion people who lack financial access. Through Kiva’s work, students can pay for tuition, women can start businesses, farmers are able to invest in equipment, and families can afford needed emergency care. Since being founded in 2005, Kiva has been able to make a huge impact across the globe-just take a look at the numbers.




Zuora and Kiva put people and relationships at the center of every interaction making their partnership a natural fit as they unleash the energy of their employees to support the causes that matter most to them.


Zuora’s Employee Engagement Campaign


In June 2021, still in the thick of Covid, Zuora employees were hungry to make an impact and feel part of something greater so the company immediately thought of Kiva. Zuora distributed $50 Kiva credits to 1,200 of its employees spread across the globe—giving each person the freedom to fund loans to borrowers of their choosing.


The goal was to get 50% of Zuora employees to take advantage of this opportunity to make a positive impact. Instead, a whopping 86% participated, with 25 employees also adding $2,400 of their own funds to lend even more. 


The end result brought in over $60,000 USD for Kiva borrowers—and provided tremendous satisfaction to the initiative’s lenders.




Next came the customers


Buoyed by the success of the employee engagement campaign, Zuora decided to extend its partnership with Kiva to its customers. In November 2021, Zuora launched a campaign on Giving Tuesday and offered its customers a $250 Kiva credit in lieu of the branded merch it customarily sends out at the end of the year. Over 200 customers participated and the feedback Zuora received was overwhelmingly positive with many claiming that this was much more appreciated than any swag they could have received. 



Keeping the campaign- and the lending cycle- going in 2022


Zuora launched its second Kiva Campaign on November 15. They were able to use the funds from borrower repayments to give their employees a $75 credit this year. So far, over 500 employees have made their loans and more than $40,000 has been loaned to Kiva borrowers. The campaign ends on December 2 and Zuora will be using Giving Tuesday as a way to celebrate their partnership with Kiva. Zuora employees are determined to make an even greater impact this year! Since launching the campaign, their #kivastories Slack channel has taken off. 






The Cyle of Giving


Zuora loves the virtual cycle of giving that Kiva enables. When the loans are repaid, the money is returned to Zuora’s fund at Kiva and employees can make new loans in future campaigns. Zuora’s looking forward to partnering with Kiva for years to come!