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Community Manager

Hero.jpgTogether, through collaboration and shared purpose, we can not only excel in business but also champion a brighter, sustainable future for all.


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By: Gina Tesla


At Coupa we’re dedicated to unlocking purpose for the communities where we work and live. We believe in the exponential impact of working with our customers, partners and local communities to innovate and drive results on key societal issues. One of the causes we are dedicated to is environmental justice, and we were delighted when Salesforce Naomi Morenzoni Rebecca Ferguson agreed to jump into our Equal Air Project focused on the disproportionate effects of air pollution on marginalized communities. Salesforce and Coupa recognize that communities are an important element of a comprehensive climate strategy, that we must engage those most affected in meaningful solutions.

Together, we contributed expertise through Coupa’s Purpose in Action program, which partnered with nonprofits, Acterra: Action for a Healthy Planet, Sustainable Silicon Valley, and Rise South City to improve their impact on local communities. We applaud nonprofits and their dedication to community-driven solutions and we recognize that we have an important role to play in supporting their success through strategic volunteerism, with key implementation partners such as Pyxera Global.

As a result of our blended Coupa and Salesforce teams, we dedicated nearly 1,000 hours, provided recommendations for scaling programs, expanded donor engagement and organizational strategy, created networks among the nonprofits, and are providing ongoing support through employee volunteerism.

We know that collaboration drives innovation, particularly when we engage diverse knowledge sets and experiences, which is why Coupa and Salesforce not only contributed expertise, but also learned together, with and from, our nonprofit partners which makes all of us stronger. Our employees benefited from stepping out of their comfort zones and day-to-day responsibilities to challenge themselves to apply their knowledge and lived experiences for the benefit of communities. This provided an opportunity for everyone to learn, grow and lead. We look forward to expanding this impact through the Pledge 1% network and beyond in 2024.

More about Coupa and Salesforce Purpose in Action Collaboration

Pyxera Global, a nonprofit organization headquartered in Washington, D.C., boasts over 30 years of experience operating in over 100 countries. Its mission is to enhance global resilience by mobilizing the collective resources of corporations, governments, and communities to drive positive social and environmental change. Pyxera Global offers strategy, advisory, technical assistance, and implementation services to partners committed to incubating and accelerating community-driven solutions while bolstering local economies and respecting planetary boundaries. We partnered with Pyxera Global to help identify our nonprofit partners, develop challenge statements best suited for Coupa and Salesforce teams to address, and support team engagement throughout the project.


Acterra is a beacon of hope and innovation in fostering sustainable change. Dedicated to driving local solutions for a healthier planet, their focus ranges from promoting sustainable food systems and energy efficiency to advocating renewable energy and sustainable business practices. Our joint mission focused on amplifying Acterra’s outreach, arming them with insights that will motivate more individuals to embrace sustainable living. This included helping to identify new donors and opportunities for program growth. We also delivered technical and community engagement solutions to establish meaningful relationships across communities in the Bay Area for Acterra, including analysis of translation services, communications content, and partnership recommendations.


Sustainable Silicon Valley collaborates with an impressive array of stakeholders, from tech giants to local communities, to confront the Bay Area's most pressing sustainability challenges. We worked to streamline the messaging surrounding the Youth Air Quality Advocate program by creating materials to secure funding, a roadmap and future recommendations for the program’s success and scalability. By doing so, we aim to empower a new generation to understand, measure, and counteract air pollution in their localities.


Lastly, our collaboration with Rise South City holds a special promise. Dedicated to facilitating critical dialogues about climate change and social equity, Rise South City stands at an exciting growth juncture. Our teams worked closely with them to craft a robust strategic plan, helping them solidify their organizational structure, governance, and standards of excellence.