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Community Manager

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Every startup hub has the ultimate goal to be profitable because this is how business founders and their employees make a living. But when giving back to the community is infused to their business and brand, that's what makes their work more meaningful.


Pledge 1% members Mangala Martinus, Managing Director of Payments Consulting Network, Kate Kesby, Founder & CEO of WYDA, and Tom Lipczynski, Co-Founder & CEO of Vpply will participate in a panel discussion to talk about how building a giving pledge has helped their organizations define and deliver on their purpose, to achieve meaningful social impact, while still creating a profitable business.


The panel discussion will be held at the UTS Startups on Friday 30 September and be moderated by Murray Hurps, Director of Entrepreneurship at University of Technology Sydney.


Support our fellow community members! You can attend in-person at 3:30 pm or watch the Livestream via LinkedIn or YouTube at 4:00 pm.


Get your free tickets here if you'd like to attend live: 


Watch the livestream through the following links:

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Marketing Director, Payments Consulting Network

Thanks for sharing Kait!


If anyone is interested to be part of this initiative, please feel free to follow this thread -> Expanding Pledge 1% in APAC via Start-up Hubs