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 Martin Luther King Jr. said the “surest way to be happy is to seek happiness for others.” For a very long time, the greatest thinkers of our time have suggested the same thing: Happiness is found in helping others. Studies show that the very act of giving back to the community improves your happiness, health, and sense of well-being. In mid-October the time had come to organise Agilcon’s autumn team building. We set out to do something different and contribute to others.


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We decided to combine the pleasant with the useful, join forces as a team and give back to the community as a part of our time pledge. As a Salesforce partner, Agilcon d.o.o. is a part of a 1% pledge global initiative by which organisations commit important resources to support integrating philanthropy into their business. It could be 1% of equity, time, product, or profit. So instead of meeting at the office on a typical Friday, we headed to Polzela where Društvo za zaščito konj (a horse protection organization) expected us.


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The horse protection organization takes care of several abandoned, aged, sick, donated horses and other equidae that were taken away from their owners from all over Slovenia. Although the Organisation focuses on horses, donkeys and ponies in distress due to poor care, illness, old age or the incapacity of their aging owners, the Society also takes care of many other rescued animals. They are known for creative workshops for children, adults and also team buildings for companies.


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Agilcon employees spent a whole day with volunteers from the organisation at the location and rolled up our sleeves. We helped with building new fences, painting and sanitisation of stables. We spent our free time walking ponies, feeding animals and enjoying their company. Overall experience? It was amazing. We felt empowered, useful, we learned new skills, we recharged and relaxed. We enjoyed spending time together without phones and computers.


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Volunteering and helping others made us feel great and we all agreed to organize team buildings like this on a regular basis. Kindness is the key to creating a happier, more trusting local community and we hope our story will inspire other companies to do the same.

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