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Community Manager
Community Manager

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Demountable Concepts, Inc.

We manufacture and provide engineered commercial vehicle solutions. Products include Demountable Swap-Body delivery trucks; racks and truck bodies for transporting flat glass; fleet repair and maintenance services for heavy trucks and trailers. 


The Children are Our Future


I'm Rustin Cassway, president and founder of Demountable ConceptsMyGlassTruck, and DCI Fleet. We support the Pledge 1% model by assisting two non-profits that provide the bulk of their services in our local area by providing resources, volunteers, and fund raising support.

In 2016, I attended the Salesforce Dreamforce conference in San Francisco. The keynote speaker, Marc Benioff, pointed out that “the children are our future” and encouraged attendees to ask their local elementary school principals, "what do you need?" Instead, I chose to ask the Boys & Girls Club of Gloucester County, NJ since we are practically neighbors.

Since then we’ve provided support to the Boys & Girls Club of Gloucester County, NJ to assist them in providing best-in-class services to local youth. Their 2022 Fall Gala honored myself and our companies and the event raised over $230,000 for the club. I am humbled to be recognized for supporting this quality organization dedicated to helping today’s youth become productive adults tomorrow.

Here’s a summary of the support we’ve provided for Boys & Girls Clubs of Gloucester County NJ so far:‍


* Promoting STEM education by donating 16 new computers
* Donating new floors and installation in the Clubs Glassboro, NJ facility
* On-going Sponsorship of the Club's Annual 5K Run and Walkathon
* Sponsoring and providing gifts for holiday parties
* Donating and installing a wide-screen TV for video presentations
* Volunteering at events
* Participation in fundraising efforts
* Supported club member, Nzingjha Rothmiller in her bid to win the prestigious New Jersey “Youth of the Year” title in 2019


This video tells the story of our relationship with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Gloucester County, NJ:

There’s Plenty More to Do

This is all about providing a safe environment where the kids can thrive and learn how to be friends and citizens The club provides meals and after school activities; leadership and career development programs; STEM activities; and sports and fitness. All at little or no cost to the community, even though the club still has to pay for them.

It's important that businesses support the Boys & Girls Clubs for a number of reasons. First is Karma, the more positive energy you put into the universe, the more will come back to you. Second, if you don't give to help those who don't have, you can't expect to be successful in your own life. Third, the children are the our future and providing a place for them to become caring citizens is in everyone's best interest.

We’re Also Helping to Fight Breast Cancer

For every glass rack sold by our MyGlassTruck division we make a donation benefiting Susan G. Komen's Race for the Cure to help fight breast cancer. Up to 75% of proceeds raised fund breast cancer programs in our community and the rest provides national grants to fund research. Through our efforts to support the battle against breast cancer we have raised over $146,000 to date.

This web page provides our commitment to both these causes: 

2022 Gala Page: