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Community Manager
Community Manager

Thinqloud Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Number of employees: #70

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Our value discipline is to “deliver exceptional customer experience” Our Salesforce consulting services strength which is our differentiator lies in our “approach” to designing efficient business processes. This is supported by our exposure to diverse business domains, experience in solution architecting, and our platform development track record. Thinqcloud has committed to pledging their time towards helping the community.


At Thinqloud we work with a few select non-profits helping them with their technology using Salesforce NPSP. The work we do here is pro bono and we have developers assigned to these non-profits to get their processes digitized. The major impact is helping them keep their costs under control and moving them away from manual processes. Cancer care, mental health, and alcohol de-addiction are the areas these non-profits focus on.


Please find links to the blogs that discuss these initiatives here:


Donor, Donation and Impact Management


Mental Health Patient Management System


Alcohol De-addiction Patient Management System

Their #1 tip or advice for companies?
There are so many small nonprofits doing some great work in India and other developing countries on small budgets making a great impact. They need help with technology and marketing. They cannot afford to spend on people who can help them architect and deliver on IT solutions. It brings so much satisfaction when we are able to make a difference. It really does not take a lot. Just the commitment to keep it going.