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Community Manager
Community Manager


London, UK

Number of employees: #80

Pracedo is an award-winning Platinum Consulting Partner that delivers innovative Salesforce implementations to forward-thinking customers. With over a decade of experience focused on Salesforce from offices in London, Amsterdam, Milan, Rome, Belgrade, Melbourne, Brisbane and Amsterdam, they work with customers to unlock the platform’s power through tailored implementations that facilitate achieving business goals and ambitions. They have committed to pledging their profit, product and time towards helping the community.


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Pracedo is committed to helping make a difference in the world. After being one of the first European partners to make the 1% pledge, we knew that we could do more. And that's why a large proportion of our team's work is for charities and non-profit organisations, with more than 5% of our billable hours being pro-bono work. Pracedo also offers volunteer days for its employees, in which they can use their talents to assist a charity of their choosing.

The commercial team recently used their volunteer day for the Make A Wish walk, while others in the operational team intend to utilise theirs by assisting in creating and fulfilling a child's wish.

For us, it is important that everyone has an opportunity to get ahead, and so whether we invest our time by up-skilling charities, provide opportunities for local people in our community through apprenticeships, or help non-profits better their offering with Salesforce through our pro-bono work, we know that every small act can make a big difference.


Their #1 tip or advice for companies?


Make sure that community is at its heart.


Change isn't effective if it doesn't help build a sustainable future for those around you. When we think about how we can make a difference, we look closely at who will benefit, how it can sustain future growth and how it might elevate others to thrive as future leaders who can give back to their community. Impactful change is more than what we do as individuals; it's also about how we rise together as a team. We all have a role to play in making our communities better places to live, work and play. And when we come together to make positive change, we can achieve so much more.