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Vancouver, BC, Canada

Number of employees: #37


Founded in 2002, Belmar Consulting Group is an award-winning Salesforce consulting firm, who works with various organizations and enables them to succeed in their digital transformation journey. They combine our intimate knowledge of the public sector and the nonprofit industry with Salesforce to create and implement innovative solutions for our clients. They have committed to pledging their profit, product, equity and time  towards helping the community.


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For the past 20 years, Belmar has consistently evolved to achieve impactful results for our clients, partners and community. As an organization, we work to both create and deliver unique business solutions - enabling organizations to perform at greater speeds, with greater efficiency so that they can achieve greater success. Our core values make up Belmar’s identity and can be broken down into five key pillars that we stand by: embracing excellence, fostering community, trusted partnerships, living with intergrity, and the use of a founders mentality. Each of these identifiers lead us to our goal of creating lasting impact through technology.


Although we have grown in terms of people and projects, our mission remains the same. Our identity is rooted in the fact that we bring technology, processes, and people together in order to facilitate a greater impact in the community. Throughout our time working with nonprofits, we have become well acquainted with the vastly different needs of a nonprofit organization. With this knowledge, we have been able to set our focus on the reduction of complexity, ability to scale, and an increase in donations. As a smaller firm with an experienced delivery team, we have the ability to support complex transformation projects while still being nimble, responsive, and laser-focused on client success. Due to this, we are able to maintain our expert ability in adapting to various changes in order to continuously fulfill our commitment of putting our projects and clients first.


We recognize that nonprofit organizations are integral to our community fabric and we are committed to helping them transform and achieve greater success through the use of Salesforce. We have completed over 500 projects focused on both public and nonprofit sectors; clients we have worked with consist of various nonprofit organizations such as Housing Matters, Oceanwise, Trans Canada Trail, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, JABC, Small Business BC, Innovate BC, YMCA of Greater Vancouver, Coast Funds, HeroWork, the BC SPCA and the BC Centre for Ability. A few examples of our digital transformation projects include:

  • Enabling the BC Centre for Ability to deliver an integrated client experience while tracking key outcomes required for reporting across multiple departments
  • Alleviating the YMCA of Greater Vancouver big pains of reporting, collecting data, and tracking a client’s entire journey in a program from intake, to enrollment, to exit
  • Supporting Coast Funds’ continued growth and operations through implementing Salesforce so their staff can now seamlessly capture and record grant/fund applications and consolidate these forms for board review.


Belmar has undertaken the Pledge 1% commitment as part of a global movement to inspire, educate and empower entrepreneurs, companies and employees to be forces for good. We pledge 1% of our time, equity, product and profit to organizations that help communities in need. To execute on this commitment, we donate $1,000 for each completed project in addition to our ongoing community initiatives and activities. In the past few years, our Founder and CEO has also held internal dollar matching donation initiatives toward nonprofit organizations, fulfilling our mission towards the profit sector of the Pledge 1%.


One of our most hands-on and impactful initiatives was created through our partnership with Ally Global Foundation, a local charity that works with local partners in Nepal, Laos and Cambodia to create safe homes, education and job training to help survivors thrive. We’ve partnered with Ally in 2021 and 2022, and on August 6, 2022, the Belmar team took part in Ally’s annual charity event called Move for Freedom.


For Belmar’s Move for Freedom event, we planned a Spikeball tournament. With over 100 attendees joining us from all across the Lower Mainland, we surpassed our goal of $10,000 and raised $11,058 toward Ally’s inspiring initiatives - nearly tripling last year’s fundraising efforts. We were featured on Daily Hive, and also recruited generous local donors to sponsor our event. Some local businesses that supported this event were Evo, Steve’s Poke, Vancouver Mysteries, and Grounds for Coffee. Along with other Move for Freedom participants across the globe, we’ve helped raise $607,564 to support survivors of human trafficking.


Our goal this fiscal year is to promote our growth in giving back and to make sure that our staff are well informed and equipped to provide the best service possible. Now, how better to do that than to get involved in our own communities?


Through our close working relationship with Ally Global Foundation over the last two years, we have learned all about the inner workings of fundraising and the importance it holds to nonprofit organizations. To generate more impact across different communities, we are excited and committed to partner with Palm Beach County Food Bank as our charity of choice this year. Additionally, during our team annual retreat, we all took part in assembling school supply kits for North Shore Neighborhood house. These school supply kits will be distributed to various students whose households do not have the means to afford school supplies.


At Belmar, we are executing our growth in community contribution through the recent introduction of a new Volunteer Time Off Policy for all employees. Paid volunteer days are available to Belmar staff with the intention of fostering community both within and outside of the organization. We believe this will help spark community engagement as well as provide motivation for busy working individuals to simply take time to give back. We also recognize that participating in volunteer activities enriches the lives of our team and their communities, while directly contributing to the community culture we strive to emulate as an organization.


How we define success at Belmar directly correlates with the impact we can contribute to those around us. To solidify this, we chose to commit to the Pledge 1% to even further this impact. Our business model allows us to help nonprofits thrive with technology, but we are adamant in providing opportunities to directly help our communities as well. By embracing all four pillars of service through acts like paid volunteer days for our staff, matching campaigns, and fundraisers, we are working towards this reality; we are excited for these upcoming initiatives and cannot wait for our team to experience it together! 


Their #1 tip or advice for companies?


Get buy-in from your team, choose a cause that resonates with your team.