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Paula Gómez Anaya

Global Data/AdTech Director, Making Science

📍Madrid, Spain


If you could describe yourself in one word, what would that be and why?

Constant and entrepreneurial person. I love to set goals and not stop until I achieve them. I'm very insistent and I love to go beyond and create business.


Pledge 1% provides a framework for businesses to do good. Do you think it’s important for today’s corporate leaders to prioritize social impact? If so, why?

Of course it's important, how you communicate and what people receive is key for companies to do things properly.


Do you give back to the community with your team and work? If so, what does this look like?

I contribute to society through accessibility, education, research, creativity, and responsible development. As I learn and grow, I strive to further my positive impact through language.


What’s the best piece of advice you've ever received?

That consistency is the key to success. You can know a lot but if you are not persistent with things you are not going to get anywhere. That is the key to professional success.


This year’s International Women’s Day themes are focused on investing in women and inspiring inclusion. What can we do to make today’s workplaces more equitable and inclusive for women?

Address the gender pay gap, offer family-friendly policies, and provide equal opportunities for development.


What advice do you have for women who are just starting their career?

Pursue your dream and as I said before be consistent in everything you do because that is the key to success. Overcoming challenges and believing in one's true potential is fundamental.


What are you looking forward to this year? Are there any goals (personal or professional), activities, or experiences you are excited about?

On a professional level, to grow the countries in the areas of data and tech and to continue overcoming new individual and team challenges.


"That consistency is the key to success."


Paula Gómez Anaya - Paula Gómez.jpeg