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OSF Digital

OSF Digital is a global commerce and digital transformation leader with expertise in connecting technology and strategy to accelerate business growth. OSF Digital guides enterprises through their entire digital transformation journey. 


Byline: Angelique Flores


Though we’re spread across the globe, OSF Digital works seamlessly as One Team. It’s one of our values, and it unites us at every level.


With many colleagues for whom Ukraine is home, we united as one team to support them and help keep them safe. At the outbreak of the armed conflict in Ukraine this year, OSF Digital established an OSF Refugee Fund for Ukraine. Through this fund, we have provided aid delivered directly by OSF Digital, the OSF Digital Foundation or other partner humanitarian organizations.


So far this year, our aid to Ukraine has included:

  • 541K CAD of humanitarian aid, consisting of food, medicine, first aid kids, sanitary and personal hygiene materials
  • 23 humanitarian shipments
  • Hundreds of volunteers involved in the organization of transports, colleagues from the company and external parties


We focused our aid on four main target groups: Our colleagues and their families, communities and families isolated as a result of the war, refugee centers, and military centers.


Meanwhile, we have continued our philanthropic work through the OSF Digital Foundation, which operates independently from OSF Digital. We contribute to charitable, cultural, and educational causes in the communities where we operate, focusing on three areas.


Children & Education

Since 2016, we’ve been offering scholarships to give disadvantaged students an equal opportunity at a quality education so they can reach their full potential. We’ve also sponsored dozens of children from disadvantaged backgrounds to participate in camps for recreation and personal development. And for adults, we created the OSF Academy, a unique training program for those interested in web programming. Candidates without prior experience in the tech field can use this opportunity to fast-track their careers.


Here’s how we’ve helped:

  • 50+ children sponsored annually to attend summer camps
  • 40+ scholarships awarded annually
  • 100 students that have benefited from the program for at least 3 consecutive years
  • 33 graduates, with the majority working in the fields in which they trained
  • Donations of school supplies, books, laptops, PCs, food, and clothing to children from low-income communities, with 270+ devices donated to date
  • 2,600 CAD donated to the New Odyssey Association in Bucharest, which is dedicated to children with autism
  • 10,600 CAD donated for a summer camp in Sibiu for 45 children from Iasi, organized by the AMEC Romania Association


Environmental Responsibility

As part of our goal to be environmentally responsible, OSF has been collaborating with Reforest’Action, an NGO with a unique model of crowd planting to preserve and restore forests on a global scale. We have invited our clients and partners to join us in this program, and together we planted 6,772 trees so far globally. By creating our forest, we’ve positively impacted climate, biodiversity, health, and employment worldwide. 


  • 1,015 tons of CO2 stored
  • 20,316 animal shelters created
  • 27,088 months of oxygen generated
  • 6,772 working hours created


Gender Equality

The OSF Women’s Network brings together female employees to provide a network of support for each other with these shared goals: 

  • Raise the number of women employed at OSF to 50%
  • Help moms cope during maternity leave and support them to integrate faster when they return to work
  • Share information and support to help women grow professionally and personally


The OSF team is looking forward to continuing these efforts and more.

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