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Community Manager
Community Manager

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My Software Tutor

The MST mission is to help people “turn on their learning lightbulb.” We do this though our “Effective Business Storytelling” workshops designed for teams and organizations as well as real-time courses that teach practical, functional Microsoft Office skills (Excel and PowerPoint). 


My Software Tutor, under the MST Cares banner, works with selected non-profits to make our business productivity workshops and software training available at a material discount for those who cannot otherwise access it. Education is a critical component to personal growth. We believe financial considerations should not be the singular obstacle to learning.

We also collaborate with non-profit organizations to offer our courses as a fundraising tool through silent auctions, raffles, shop-to-support programs and other similar activities. MST has partnered with Donation Match to facilitate these connections. To date, we have donated services valued in excess of $235,000.

My Software Tutor is proud to support the growing network of founders, entrepreneurs, and companies around the globe who have joined the Pledge 1% global movement. We embrace the concept of sharing resources for the greater good.