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Originally published on Twilio.


At Twilio, we believe that one of the most effective ways to prioritize social impact is to empower our employees to do more of what they love. That’s why, inspired by the Pledge1% model, Twilio created WePledge 1%, a volunteer employee impact and giving program in which Twilio supports employees in pledging to give 1 percent of their own time, income, or equity (or any combination of the three) to causes that resonate with them.


Since Twilio created WePledge 1% in 2019, 3,605 Twilio employees have signed onto the program, and participation in our volunteer and giving programs has increased to over 50% from single digits. And there are other ripple effects, too. We’ve seen that over the past year, employees who donated and volunteered were 2.3x less likely to leave Twilio than those who didn’t. And it's not just Twilio seeing positive results. Data shows that companies with giving programs have 2.3x the employee retention rate than those without one.


Inspired by the increased impact we saw among our own employees, Twilio developed the WePledge 1% Accelerator, which is a comprehensive program that equips impact leaders at companies with all the tools, templates, and support needed to successfully launch an employee impact program of their own within 5 months. 25 companies including Atlassian, Zoom and Okta have already joined the program. In September, we’re launching our third Accelerator, where we’ll walk even more companies through how to stand up a similar program to support their employees in making a difference.


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