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This story was submitted by GoodCloud.Team


January 2023 saw Stephen Stanley, a Salesforce-employed Success Architect laid off in a global headcount reduction initiated by the global cloud provider.


Stephen had always taken advantage of Salesforce's 1:1:1 pledge and volunteered for at least 8 days per year while he was employed by them. They majority of his volunteering time was spent helping non-profit customers of Salesforce get more value from their own Salesforce implementations.


When his termination took effect in March, he went out on his own as a self-employed Salesforce Architect, but keen to continue to contribute to the non-profit sector, he continued to spend time helping out charities in New Zealand and overseas with their Salesforce implementations.


Luckily he has been busy with commercial clients so has been able to afford to contribute time to the non-profit community. Since March, he has volunteered 88 hours with non-profits as well as delivering 882 hours of paid-for work to his commercial clients.