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Community Manager
Community Manager

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Passion Fruit Partners

We work with nonprofit organizations to implement Salesforce and deliver solutions to help nonprofits maximize their impact.


At Passion Fruit Partners, we are dedicated to helping nonprofits. We have been committed to serving nonprofits by implementing Salesforce solutions to help nonprofits maximize their impact. 


We signed up for Pledge 1% starting day one because we wanted giving back to be part of our DNA as a company. In the first year as part of Pledge 1% we were able to give time through pro-bono Salesforce Consulting for nonprofit organizations.


In second year of operations, we were able to donate 1% of revenues and gave back $10,000 to charities chosen by members of our team. Further, we also collaborated with a local nonprofit to donate over 67 hours of Salesforce Consulting worth over $13,000 to help them establish the technological infrastructure to support helping refugees and new immigrants. We were also able to establish a company matching program where we matched up to $300 per employee for their donations. We donated to 32 different nonprofits in 2021. 


This year we have surpassed our revenue goal to donate over $20,000 back to nonprofits chosen by our team. We have donated to 48 unique charity organizations in all different segments. We are excited to continue the company matching program again and we are incredibly grateful and proud to be part of Pledge 1%. Giving back to support our communities and supporting those in need is so important. Making this pledge and taking action has been core to Passion Fruit’s identity and we are lucky to be part of it!