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Originally posted on CRM Solver

CRMSolver's Solvers Academy: Empowering Suriname's ICT Talent Through Training




CRMSolver's Solvers Academy is making headlines in Suriname as the first official Salesforce partner in the country. As reported in a recent article on, the academy is committed to increasing ICT opportunities for Surinamese individuals through comprehensive Salesforce training and soft skills development. With a focus on social entrepreneurship, CRMSolver's Solvers Academy is transforming the ICT landscape in Suriname and positioning itself as a leader in Salesforce education.


What Sets Solvers Academy Apart:

  1. A Commitment to Giving Back: As co-founder Jerrel Van Eer states, giving back to the community is one of CRMSolver's core values. As a member of the 1% Pledge family, CRMSolver invests time and financial resources in the community, with the goal of creating a positive impact.

  2. Unleashing Suriname's ICT Potential: The Solvers Academy aims to increase ICT opportunities for Surinamese people both locally and abroad. Suriname is home to a wealth of talent in the ICT sector, and with the right Salesforce training and motivation, these individuals can offer their services to countries outside of Suriname.

  3. Building a Global Presence: With a team boasting a wealth of experience and a track record of successful client-centered Salesforce systems implementation across the globe, CRMSolver and the Solvers Academy are well-positioned to expand Suriname's ICT reach.

  4. Comprehensive Salesforce Training: The academy offers in-depth training in Salesforce systems, as well as soft skills development. This balanced approach ensures that trainees are well-equipped to guide clients in selecting the right custom CRM system tailored to their specific business needs.

  5. Fostering Local Connections: As part of their Salesforce training, academy participants attend local meet-ups where they can network with peers and share experiences. In December 2022, Jerrel Van Eer traveled to Surinam to initiate the Salesforce Meetup Suriname, further fostering a sense of community.




CRMSolver's Solvers Academy is making waves in Suriname by providing opportunities for growth and development in the ICT sector through Salesforce education. With a focus on giving back to the community and a passion for empowering local talent, the academy is poised to make a lasting impact on Suriname's ICT landscape. Be sure to read the full story on and share this exciting news about Salesforce training and opportunities with your network!