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Community Manager
Community Manager

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Cloud Nine (C9)

C9 transforms (y)our customers into your fans. Our mission is to empower businesses to create and continuously improve exceptional customer journeys by understanding the needs and expectations of our current and future customers. We deliver results through strategy development, personal and team coaching, expert integration.


C9 together with Speechless Reconciliation: making dreams of orphans come true!


What happened during 10 days of August 2022 when 35 youngsters (between 16-21 years) from homes for children without proper parental care from six different countries - Lithuania, Kosovo, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia - came to the Czech Republic as part of our program Speechless Reconciliation? A powerful and unforgettable week that will be remembered by many for a long time. Using a wide mix of non-formal education methods, experiential learning, discussion, and creative workshops we helped the youngsters to create an action plan for their future, identify their skills and talents.


Watch the official video of the 2nd developmental camp made by one of the participants, Aleksander Vuckovski.



C9 is passionate about supporting good causes and giving back. Speechless Reconciliation is one of the projects we like to prioritize as part of volunteering. Meanwhile we are one of the main sponsors of this wonderful journey, and are so happy to be able to contribute through the Pledge 1% program. Hope for better life! Hope for better future! Hope for better community!