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Community Manager

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The CRM Firm

The CRM Firm is a Salesforce Consulting Firm that provides custom Salesforce implementations for businesses in need of a powerful CRM solution. Our industry specialties include nonprofits, financial services, insurance and executive search.


When BEAR Houston approached The CRM Firm in need of a custom Salesforce implementation to support their unique programs, we knew this project provided us with an incredible opportunity to give back.


BEAR Houston is a nonprofit organization that partners with Harris County CPS and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to provide basic necessities and support services to abused and neglected children in the care of CPS.


The CRM Firm has donated 500+ consulting and development hours to create a system that supports BEAR’s four key initiatives— BEARing Gifts, Heart Gallery Houston, BEAR Back to School and BEAR Necessities. 


Their holiday program, BEARing Gifts, provides new holiday gifts to at-risk and CPS-involved children via sponsorships, toy drives, monetary donations, Amazon wishlist donations, and volunteer opportunities.


Heart Gallery Houston is a traveling photography exhibit designed in an effort to aid foster children in finding their forever family by increasing their chances of adoption through photography. 


BEAR Back to School is a yearly program that ensures children under CPS supervision have the resources they need to begin each school year by collecting donations through monetary donations, school supply drives, an Amazon wishlist and volunteer opportunities.


Finally, the BEAR Necessities program operates two “BEAR rooms”, or warehouses, in Harris County stocked with year-round emergency supplies for children.. These warehouses stock inventory such as clothing, shoes, diapers, car seats, air mattresses and more that caseworkers have 24-hour access to at no-cost to the families.


Our partnership with BEAR Houston has resulted in a robust Salesforce system that supports these four programs with inventory tracking, a dynamic, user-friendly solution for managing Heart Gallery profiles, a platform  for receiving, sponsoring and tracking children’s “Wishes”, and a platform for tracking school supply bag requests and fulfillments. In addition their Salesforce system provides them with metrics for securing funding.


Prior to the build of their Salesforce system, BEAR was able to support approximately 5000 children in their BEARing gifts program. Since the launch of their new CRM, they have been able to service over 12,000 children in this program.


We are proud to Pledge 1% and are honored to have been a small part of the huge impact BEAR Houston has made on the lives of tens of thousands of children in the greater Houston area.