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Pledge 1% Community Member of the Month - January 2022

Pledge 1% Alumni
Community Specialist, Pledge 1%

January's Featured Community Member is @InesGarcia 


Our monthly Community Member features  users who are contributing to the success of the Pledge 1% Community.  This month, we are honored to feature @InesGarcia  , who served as an Early Adopter member for this community and currently holds this highest user ranking within this community!  Get to know Ines by reading on…


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Pledge 1%:  "What ignited your interest in driving social impact through your company?"

InesGarcia:  "We live only once, each day is perishable. Each day is an opportunity to make the next better, to have an impact. I can certainly relate to Beyonce's lyrics of "I want to leave my footprints on the sands of time".  Having being involved in the Salesforce arena for some time, has opened up a myriad of possibilities about what social impact can be. It definitely helped me to get into action, and it's actually thanks to Salesforce that I learnt of this great platform for change: The Pledge 1%.



Pledge 1%: "You have been active on the Pledge 1% Community since it's launch.  What motivates you to be an active champion of the platform?"

InesGarcia:  "We are social beings and we are all connected. I believe co-creation leads to better results.  I have had the pleasure to be part of wonderful communities, which enriches what we do.  I can see its great potential of connecting like minded individuals who want to 'leave the place better than how we found it'.  I believe we are entering the Age of Purpose.  Let's take this new platform/channel to new highs. Join me.


Pledge 1%:  "Your book is featured within member projects - and you note that in writing it, you aimed to help bridge the gap between theory and action in social impact programs.  What is the most critical advice you would give to social impact leaders trying to make that happen?"

InesGarcia:  "We are in a moment in history where we have the data, we well know the consequences if we don’t act, we have the skills, knowledge, technology, influence… to make a difference. Past generations haven’t had all of these. Future ones won’t have the timing. It’s a pivotal time. We can make a dent, we can be part of the solution. It's important to make a start, and measure your impact: "Account for what’s important, not just what you can count. "  There is a better way to do business.  The question is: Are you willing to be part of it?"



Pledge 1%:  "What is something you wish you would have known when first began exploring social impact activities?"

InesGarcia:  "It doesn't have to be complicated, doesn't have to have a huge over-layer of governance nor of bureaucracy (it should be called bureaucrazy really). It's important to remind yourself that it’s really easy to make things complex, anyone can do that!  On my own journey I discovered how quickly the overload of information comes. Reflecting on this, I ended up structuring my efforts on a Simple Frame.


Pledge 1%:  "Any other thoughts insights you'd like to share with the community?"

InesGarcia:  "Life is too precious to go through the motions without emotions, do what you love."


Thank you Ines for all your contributions to the Pledge 1% Community. We are very happy to have you here to learn from.

We encourage you all to get to know more Pledge 1% Members by introducing yourself and joining the conversation in the Social Impact Forum


Chris Apple
Community Specialist, Pledge 1%

Path Finder
CEO, LDA Digital Solutions

Very inspiring! @InesGarcia #SalesforceMVP

Pledge 1% Alumni
Member Specialist, Pledge 1%

Ines - I had so much getting to know you during our conversation! Your theories and frameworks were fascinating. Thanks again for being part of the community!


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