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Community Spotlight: Ricky Marton

Michelle Fifis
Community Manager
Community Manager
Community Manager, Pledge 1%

In this Community Spotlight, we are thrilled to spotlight Ricky Marton, the CEO of Koru and one of the incredible individuals within our community of social impact leaders. 🌟


Can you share one of the most impactful social initiatives or projects you've spearheaded or contributed to in your career?

While completing my master's at the University of Colorado Boulder, specializing in Technology for Global Impact, I had the privilege of working as an Innovation Specialist with Pact, a DC-based International Non-Governmental Organization. In this role, I pioneered the development and implementation of an open innovation platform designed to cultivate a collaborative ecosystem across our country offices spanning over 40 countries. This platform served as a dynamic space for our country offices to tackle complex issues collaboratively, exchange knowledge, crowdsource ideas, run targeted campaigns, and ultimately, forge collective solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems.


The platform's design was a testament to the potential of leveraging collective intelligence and technology for social good. It not only streamlined our problem-solving process but also set a precedent for future global collaborations. The success of this initiative lies in its ability to bring diverse perspectives together, demonstrating the immense potential for scalable, impactful solutions when we harness the power of innovation and collaboration.


What advice do you have for aspiring leaders looking to navigate and advance their careers in this dynamic and meaningful field?

Aspiring leaders looking to make a significant impact in the dynamic fields of social impact and sustainability should leverage their unique strengths and resources. This sector's complexity and absence of a one-size-fits-all solution highlight the importance of innovative and strategic thinking tailored to individual and organizational capabilities. Embracing your uniqueness and using it as a foundation for developing impactful strategies is key. Innovate by crafting solutions that address specific challenges, always ensuring these efforts align with broader business objectives to maintain authenticity and prevent greenwashing. Collaboration is crucial; engaging with diverse partners across sectors can amplify your impact. Ultimately, anchoring your initiatives in sustainable, long-term business goals ensures your efforts contribute to enduring positive change. Success in this arena is not just about advancing your career but about contributing to a more sustainable and equitable world through a thoughtful blend of innovation, strategic alignment, and collaboration, all grounded in the unique position you hold.


What’s a fun fact that people probably don’t know about you?

A fun fact that often surprises people is that I kicked off my career as a multimedia designer at a litigation service company, a far cry from where I stand today. Back then, the thought of starting a business was far from my mind, and there was no clear path indicating the journey I would eventually embark on. It's fascinating how life's twists and turns can lead you to unexpected destinations!


Is there anything else you want to highlight or share with the community?

I’d love to emphasize our excitement about the year ahead and our eagerness to form meaningful partnerships. Our company sits at the heart of the impact space, and we’re passionate about empowering businesses, big or small, to enhance their sustainability and impact initiatives. We're on the lookout to connect with forward-thinking organizations and individuals who are keen to make a real difference in their communities and beyond. Whether you're just starting your journey towards sustainability or looking to deepen your existing efforts, we believe that together, we can create transformative changes. So, if you’re part of an organization that's striving to improve its impact efforts or if you have innovative ideas on fostering sustainability, we’d be thrilled to hear from you. Let’s collaborate to make the upcoming year not just prosperous for our businesses, but also beneficial for our planet and future generations.


Are you ready to share your story through our Community Spotlight series? Apply here or drop a comment below to nominate a fellow community member. Let's continue inspiring and uplifting each other as we collectively strive for a better world. 🌎



Path Finder
CEO, Koru

Thank you, @Bianca Penaloza ! I’m glad you found it valuable. Crafting evolving solutions is indeed crucial for long-term impact. Appreciate your support!

Bianca Penaloza
Community Manager
Community Manager
CTO, Pledge 1%

Innovate by crafting solutions that address specific challenges, always ensuring these efforts align with broader business objectives to maintain authenticity and prevent greenwashing.


This is truly key, and a valuable insight.  In particular, crafting solutions that address how these challenges are evolving over time, and/or are projected to evolve, gives immense staying power to those solutions.   Love this -- thank you, @Ricky-Marton_Koru !


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