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Community Manager
Community Manager
Member Specialist, Pledge 1%

Want to help nonprofits? Your business has more assets than you might think. At Pledge 1%, we break down donations into four pledge types: 



Some companies choose to donate 1% of a single pledge type, while others may mix and match. You can even do a combination (for example, 0.5% of profit, 0.5% of employee time). Our goal is to build a flexible framework that makes it easy for companies to build a program around their needs


Watch the video below for a quick overview of each pledge type and how other companies put them into action. You'll leave with an understanding of each pledge type, and some tried-and-true implementation strategies.




Want to learn more? Check out our Getting Started playbook

Note: Playbooks are only available to registered Pledge 1% members. Take the pledge to join today!