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12 Days of Tips - Day 9: Scenario planning for annual giving

Pledge 1% Alumni
Social Impact Partnerships Manager, Pledge 1%

As the Colorado wildfires present the latest natural disaster to overcome communities, my social impact tip is to think about scenario planning for your annual giving.  When thinking about your annual budget, consider allocating funds for natural disasters, public health needs, or other emergencies that might require an immediate response.


Additionally, I encourage you to share your experiences with leveraging your social impact teams to respond to needs that require an immediate response.  Sharing experiences will help the global Pledge 1% network mine best practices and insights to address these needs and issues as they arise.  It would be great to see some replies here if any Pledge members do scenario planning and can share insights with this community!






Pledge 1% Alumni
Pledge 1%

Thanks for this great tip, @JessicaWong_P1


I was chatting with  @BrianO who lives in the area and he recommended exploring this Boulder website if your organization can help:


I know many of you are doing what you can! I was inspired by Pledge 1% Member Toby Yoder's post here:


Would love to hear from and amplify our Pledge 1% Member initiatives in place for the Colorado wild fires - please share here in the comments!

Rose Spitzer
Director, Pledge 1% Community

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