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12 Days of Tips - Day 1: Employee Engagement = Social Impact Success

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More than 50% of employees are considering leaving their company during this period of time being called the great resignation.  But, that statistic drops to less than 12% among employees who feel their company is having a positive impact on the world (per McKinsey & Co).


Thus, employee engagement is not only smart business in retaining talent, but it provides the foundation for amplifying social impact and serving your community.


Employees want a sense of ownership over social impact programs, and critical to success of social impact programs is to embed them into ESG and core business functions.  Connecting these two enables teams to look at social impact as a lens into the work, not in addition to the work and amplifies employee engagement. 


Additionally, consider the insights shared from Brian Mattos, Manager of Pro Bono Programs at Salesforce , during the recent Employee Engagement Webinar.  He emphasized examining employee engagement on an individual sense of purpose versus just their connectedness to the company's social missions. Currently, he uses Maha ESG People Intelligence software to help track employees' overall connectedness to purpose. 


This tip was inspired by our recent Employee Engagement Webinar series - where many more insights can be gleaned on driving employee engagement to fuel social impact!!  Check those out:


Rose Spitzer
Director, Pledge 1% Community

Agile Coach, Consultant, Author, Get Agile

"the great resignation" aka #DoWhatANDHowYouLove 

Welcome to the Age of Purpose 🙂

Ines Garcia
Agile Coach CSP-SM | Salesforce MVP | Inventor | Author

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