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Introducing Our 2024 Community Ambassadors!

Michelle Fifis
Community Manager
Community Manager
Community Manager, Pledge 1%

We are thrilled to announce our esteemed lineup of Community Ambassadors for 2024! These dedicated individuals are passionate about driving positive change in their communities and beyond. Let's get to know each of them a little better:


Ambassador Template Pledge 1%.pngGrace Cadiz - Partnerships Officer, Global Education, Atlassian


Since joining the Pledge 1% Community in 2021, Grace has utilized her extensive background as a former teacher and nonprofit leader to make a significant impact at Atlassian Foundation. With a doctorate in Human Rights, Racial Justice, and Equity from the University of San Francisco, she brings a profound understanding to her role managing grants and partnerships aimed at people-centered partnerships and decolonizing philanthropy. Her efforts are crucial in driving equitable and sustainable changes across global education systems, especially for Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and gender-expansive communities.


"Being part of Pledge 1% has been transformative for me. It offers a vibrant learning community where I explore innovative philanthropic strategies and share valuable insights with my peers. This collaborative environment has not only provided me support in my often-isolated role but has also fostered lasting friendships with fellow change-makers who are equally committed to social impact.


Motivated by the support and inspiration I've received, I am eager to contribute further to this empowering network. I look forward to welcoming new members who are ready to join us and commit to impactful actions with Pledge 1%."



Ines Garcia.pngInes Garcia - Get Agile, Agile & Climate Coach


Ines has been a dedicated member of the Pledge 1% Community since 2021 and is a passionate Author, Agile & Climate Coach, and Salesforce MVP. With over a decade of dual work in Agile and Salesforce. As a Circular Economy professional and Biomimicry practitioner, Ines helps individuals, teams, and organisations deliver better value and reduce waste (time, effort, materials, energy) to focus on impact. 


“I have supported Pledge 1% since 2018, including piloting the community and now becoming a Community Ambassador. Over the years, that original 1% has grown in many percentages and evolved not just on volume but on purpose. There is a better way to do business, and becoming a member of Pledge1% is a good way to start. Join!”





Ingrid Snyman.pngIngrid Snyman - Director and Business Manager, Index Engineering Ltd


Ingrid has been a part of our Pledge 1% Community since 2021. In addition to being a Director, Business Manager, Artist and MBA student, she is passionate about her organization's program, which donates 1% of its consultancy fees to charity.


A couple of things provided impetus for us to support Pledge 1%. After the pandemic, we felt that our community needed support more than ever, and we had also reached the “ten years in business” milestone. Deciding to pledge 1% of our fees to charity has made giving easy, and we know our team are happy to be working for a company that cares in this way.”






Marilo Meta.pngMarilo Meta - CEO, LDA Digital Solutions


Marilo is the Founder and CEO of LDA Digital Solutions, a Salesforce partner company that helps businesses implement their full CRM strategy and improve their sales, services, and marketing, and has been a member of the Pledge 1% Community since 2023.


“As a Nonprofit Leader for the last seven years and organizer of the Albania Dreamin' conference for four consecutive years, my journey has been marked by dedication, innovation, and a relentless drive to empower others within the Salesforce ecosystem and the NGO.


Since last year, I have tried to seamlessly integrate Pledge1% into the mission of LDA Digital Solutions and LDA Europe, especially making giving back a core part of our identity, engaging employees and members, volunteering in social projects and sharing and learning best practices through the community.



Natina Gurley.pngNatina Gurley - Diversity & Inclusion Engagement Manager, Zuora


Natina is a proven leader, team developer, and inclusion strategist who has been a part of the Pledge 1% Community since 2022. Her experiences include higher education, learning & professional development, diversity/equity/inclusion/belonging, social impact, and ESG strategy. 


“Knowledge creation and sharing through the Pledge 1% community have been important in how I think about and execute in my role. I consider this community a trusted network from which I get support and inspiration.


In the spirit of impact for good, joining the Pledge 1% Community Ambassadors program gives me the opportunity to give back and give forward as we prepare for what's ahead in this work.”

We are incredibly grateful for our Community Ambassadors' dedication and look forward to the positive impact they will continue to make in our community. Please say hello in the comments below! 👋



Path Finder
CEO, LDA Digital Solutions

Thank you @Michelle Fifis for sharing this article, this looks great. I am really happy to be part of this community, to engage and to share best practices with each 🙌


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