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2024 #WomenWhoLead Nominations are OPEN!

Pledge 1
Community Manager
Community Manager

This March, we will celebrate the many accomplishments of women in the Pledge 1% movement as part of #WomenWhoLead🦸🏻‍♀️, our annual campaign in honor of Women’s History Month.


Our plan is to publish one profile a day throughout the month of March on our blog and social media as a way to celebrate women who are making a difference at work and in their communities. We'd love your help identifying female leaders to profile for this special series!


If you or someone you know is interested in sharing their story, please complete the quick nomination form below Friday, February 23rd 📅You are welcome to nominate any female at your organization: they can be a team member, a manager, an investor, a client, or other contact. You are also welcome to nominate yourself!


Our team will reach out to the nominees directly with the next steps. 



Michelle Fifis
Community Manager
Community Manager
Community Manager, Pledge 1%

Thank you so much, @tejkaransingh . This is fabulous! Could you please use the form above so our team can collect all the information needed for the nomination? Thank you!

Technical Lead,

Dear Pledge 1% team,

I am writing to nominate my colleague, Piyusha Pilania, for the #WomenWhoLead. Piyusha is the embodiment of resilience, empathy, and inspirational leadership, especially in the realm of technology and Salesforce.

Piyusha's journey is one of remarkable courage and determination. Born into a traditional family and married at the age of 20, she faced numerous societal challenges. Yet, she has not only overcome these obstacles but has also emerged as a beacon of hope and support for others. Her story is a powerful testament to what women can achieve despite early life challenges.

What truly sets Piyusha apart is her innate ability to empower others. She has been instrumental in helping many women carve out successful careers in tech, specifically in Salesforce. Her approach is deeply empathetic, understanding the unique challenges women face in the tech industry and addressing them with practical solutions and encouragement.

Piyusha's energy is contagious. She is actively involved in numerous initiatives aimed at supporting and uplifting those around her. Her commitment goes beyond mere professional guidance; she invests personally in the growth and well-being of her colleagues and peers.

Moreover, Piyusha is a leader who leads by example. Her professional excellence is matched by her personal integrity and the genuine care she exhibits for her team and community. She is not just good at her work; she is a woman who leads with conviction, setting a stellar example for all who work with her.

In recognizing Piyusha Pilania, we celebrate not just her achievements but also the path she has paved for other aspiring women in tech. Her contributions are many, and her leadership style is one that truly encapsulates the spirit of #WomenWhoLead.

Thank you for considering this nomination. Piyusha's impact is far-reaching, and I believe her story and leadership will inspire many more through this esteemed platform.



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