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Statistics needed!


In a couple of the recent Pledge 1% webinars, they have mentioned amazing statistics about how giving/volunteering/ social impact programs help with employee retention, happiness, productivity, loyalty etc. I'm wondering if anyone has those stats available?


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Great question, @Razz601 !  Now that we have the Pledge 1% Community, we will be hosting resources and continued discussions from our events within Pledge 1% Resources!  Additionally, our past events stay archived on our events page for our members to watch again!


Most recently, we hosted a 2-part webinar series on Employee Engagement.  If those are the ones you reference, you can find the event resource threads here:


Employee Engagement in a Hybrid Workforce

Employee Engagement 2.0: Post-Pandemic World 




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Thanks Rachael.  A few folks have asked about the studies I referenced on our last two Employee Engagement sessions as well as some of the stats.  I suggest checking out the following:   

For quick stats to help justify the incredible work you're doing to engage employees....

  • The period of time that we’re living in right now is being nicknamed “the great resignation”, with a 40% attrition rate.  Over 19 million people have quit their jobs in the last 6 months of 2021. 

  • According to Momentum, while 50% of all employees are open to leaving their current company for new roles, this drops to less than 12% if they believe their company is making a positive impact on the world.  

Has anyone else come across interesting stats or research on employee engagement as it relates to the future of work?  Please share... Thanks-Amy

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@Razz601 I recently wrote an article on this topic that has some meaty data points that point to the connection between employee engagement and social impact programs. You can find the article here:


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