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Give Back December

Salesforce Partner, ListEngage

During the month of December, ListEngage Employees participated in Give Back December by volunteering in their respective communities throughout the country. ListEngage Employees volunteered with groups such as Wreaths Across America, Salvation Army, Food Banks, Trash Cleanups, Local Schools, Family Shelters, and Holiday Toy Drives. Together, Engagers volunteered over 50 hours in over 10 states throughout the country! 


At ListEngage, we embrace the values of Ohana and a deep passion for assisting others, integrating these principles seamlessly into our work and personal pursuits. In Give Back December, our team united to enhance our positive impact and support local communities. The beauty of giving back is that, ultimately, we gained more happiness and satisfaction than we gave.



Kali N
Helping Hand
Social Impact @ Atlassian Foundation, Atlassian Foundation International Limited (AFIL)

Oh this is a great initiative - and thank you for sharing photos as well! I will pass this onto our US team to see if they would like to participate in Give Back December in 2024 - do you formally register your events, or is this something you run in-house to align with something like National Giving Month -  (I'm based in Australia, so just making sure I pass on the right info!)

Social Impact @ Atlassian Foundation

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