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ESG Business Integration and Commitments

Director, Corporate Social Responsibility & ESG, Silicon Valley Bank

So great to see everyone on the Employee Engagement 2.0 discussion today, nice job to all the panelists!  I especially loved the notion around how CSR and Social Impact are now so much broader in scope, including  and specifically ESG integration into business strategy.  Curious about examples of what this might look like for different companies and sectors and how this factors into corporate purpose and ESG commitments?  Lots to unpack here, but wondering especially about innovation companies and investors whom we work with so closely.  Feel free to message me too, if that's easier.  I'm loving this Pledge 1% brain trust!

Danielle Conkling
Silicon Valley Bank
Director, Corporate Social Responsibility & ESG
"Fueling Innovation for a Better World"

Good Thnx

Hi Danielle, I'm based in Australia but we bank with SVB in the US 🙂 Happy to share some examples, I have a particular favourite where one of our customers is doing Pledge '2%' now! They have built a highly profitable software company and because it was self funded, rather than VC backed, the founders are already giving 1% of profit to their chosen charity (Room to Read) + an additional 1% through our platform for staff to allocate through peer recognition, etc. 

Pledge 1% Alumni
Pledge 1%

Great questions Danielle!


For those of you who missed the event, check out the key learnings and resources here Pledge 1% Event: Employee Engagement 2.0: What’s Working Now + Post-Pandemic World [Video] 

Rose Spitzer
Director, Pledge 1% Community

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