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12 Days of Tips - Day 12: Leverage the learnings of like-minded people

Founder and President, SeaFreight Labs

To complete the 12 Days of Tips, my tip is to leverage the learnings of like-minded people.  I recently shared some thoughts for a Pledge 1% Community feature, and would echo those here as an insightful tip to drive social impact success. 


It is difficult to know how to be efficient and effective with one's philanthropic efforts.  Learning by trial and error takes a long time and wastes resources.  It is MUCH better to leverage the learnings of thousands of like-minded people and greatly improve your odds of achieving your social-impact objectives by being a part of the Pledge-1% community!


Leadership in business can sometimes feel lonely, especially when there are difficult decisions or uncertain outcomes.  The Pledge-1% community provides an opportunity to find people in your same industry with whom you can build a relationship and amplify your impact within your industry or on the problems you decide to address.  Don't delay!  Take an action step to help yourself, your company and your community in 2022 by leveraging this community platform and the collective wisdom of the Pledge 1% network!


Harry Sangree
Founder and President
SeaFreight Labs

Pledge 1% Alumni
Pledge 1%

Thanks so much for sharing this tip @Harry-NJ and being an active contributor on the community. I could not agree more and believe our Pledge 1% Members are creating change -  the rising tides that lifts all boats

Rose Spitzer
Director, Pledge 1% Community

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