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Curated Reads: Trendsetters May 2024

Michelle Fifis
Community Manager
Community Manager
Community Manager, Pledge 1%

Welcome to Trendsetters, our community series curating diverse, thought-provoking social impact content.


What social impact content has recently sparked your interest, and how can these insights be applied or adapted in your workplace? Share your reflections in the comments below.


📖 Read: How ‘Yes, and’ Philanthropy Could Unite the Charitable World’s Opposing Forces

The article proposes a concept called "yes and" philanthropy, which simultaneously encourages donors to support personal causes and areas of highest need. Helpful studies and resources are mentioned, including the Giving Multiplier created by Lucius Caviola and Joshua D. Greene, who added “The primary challenge … is to encourage support for more effective causes while recognizing that feelings of personal connection are the primary drivers of altruism...This approach, unlike simply directing people to more effective charities, aims to work with people’s motivations rather than attempting to displace them.”


📖 Read: DEI is getting a new name. Can it dump the political baggage?

This article explores the evolution of DEI initiatives in the workplace, highlighting how legal challenges and political backlash have prompted American businesses, industry groups, and employment professionals to discreetly remove DEI from public view while continuing their practice.


🎙 Listen: ISSB Vice Chair Sue Lloyd talks aligning sustainability standards across jurisdictions

This episode of the ESG Insider podcast was recorded at the S&P Global Sustainable Summit in London, in which Sue Lloyd, the International Sustainability Standards Board Vice Chair,  discusses the global adoption of ISSB's initial standards launched in June 2023 and outlines plans for 2024, emphasizing assistance to jurisdictions worldwide.


📹 Watch: Does your CSR or social impact program work? Strategies for measurement in 2024

Featuring insights from Carole Cone, Founder of EpiQ and a veteran in the social impact sector, this episode covers the evolution of measuring purpose, including employee expectations and methods for assessing purpose's impact on employees.


📖 Read: ​​Impact Measurement Toolkit

Created by Pledge 1%, this toolkit offers practical support for those just getting started or those who want to improve their impact measurement journey.


We look forward to reading your thoughts on these resources!


Path Finder
Pledge 1%

Thanks for sharing! I found the comments on the DEI articles particularly interesting. It's always fascinating to learn about different perspectives on something I support.

Pledge 1% Team
Chief of Staff, Pledge 1%

The DEI article is really interesting. It's kind of wild how much unwarranted heat that acronym got over the past year it seems. I don't know how many times Bill Maher mentioned it...


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