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Curated Reads: Trendsetters April 2024

Michelle Fifis
Community Manager
Community Manager
Community Manager, Pledge 1%

Welcome to Trendsetters, our community series curating diverse, thought-provoking social impact content.


What social impact content has recently sparked your interest, and how can these insights be applied or adapted in your workplace? Share your reflections in the comments below.


📖 Read: 20 Essential Steps To Make Social Sustainability Part Of Company Culture

This article, shared by Alejandra Parra, the Pledge 1% Operations Manager, features insights from 20 Forbes Business Council members on actionable steps leaders can take to integrate social sustainability into their company culture. Dive in to discover strategies for fostering a people-centric environment and reshaping the definition of business success.


🎙 Listen: Mastering Video Storytelling for Social Impact: How to Leverage Video Content for CSR

In this episode, discover the potential of video storytelling to enhance your Corporate Social Responsibility and social impact initiatives. Learn the most effective story types, the significance of authenticity, and strategies for leveraging video content across multiple platforms.


📖 Read: The Most Innovative Corporate Social Responsibility Companies in 2024

Discover why Verizon, United Airlines, Gilead Sciences, and Ikea have been recognized as some of Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies in corporate social responsibility for 2024.


📹 Watch: Getting Started with Member Impact

Delve into the crucial aspects of defining the "what" and "why" of your social impact strategy with expert guidance from Morgan Buras-Finlay, an Impact Measurement specialist, in conversation with Mariana Palacios-Valderrama from Justworks. Gain valuable insights into refining your strategy with a keen eye on achieving impactful outcomes.


📖 Read: Creating a Corporate Social Responsibility Program with Real Impact

Our VP of Member Impact, @Alicia_Schmidt, recently shared this Forbes article highlighting research on CSR across four multinationals, underscoring the importance of experimentation. Successful firms adapt CSR practices based on local feedback, fostering impactful initiatives. Inflexible methods often lead to shortcomings, such as failed partnerships due to local challenges. 


We look forward to reading your thoughts on these resources!


Michelle Fifis
Community Manager
Community Manager
Community Manager, Pledge 1%

Here's one additional article to add to the list. I look forward to seeing what others in our community are reading and watching!

Pledge 1% Team
Chief of Staff, Pledge 1%

I found the information on Ikea and what they are doing to help refugees and asylum seekers really inspiring. A new Ikea opened up near me in San Francisco, and this gives me more reason to become a regular at their food court. 


The Climate Action and Green Recovery Playbook

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