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12 Days of Tips - Day 5: When & How to Donate Equity

Pledge 1% Team
Executive Advisor

Last week, I shared a tip detailing "why" to donate equity!  Beyond the why is the when and how... here are my tips for when and how to donate equity: 


  • It's never too early to formalize your equity pledge!
  • The source of equity can be the company, founders, or both.

  • You may formalize the pledge with a warrant agreement with a philanthropic partner that will create a donor advised fund (DAF) for you at any stage - or via a share transfer to a DAF or a .org that you create.

  • Read the Pledge 1% CEO Equity Playbook and Companion Guide to understand the nuances, including how to build Board consensus, accounting and tax implications, etc.

There are additional resources across this community as well, such as the Equity 101 article with some high level insights for equity pledges, and details about our Boardroom Allies program, a group of VC's who have partnered with Pledge 1% to drive impact via equity!  Take advantage of the resources within this community and via the peer network of global Pledge 1% members!  


Pledge 1% Alumni
Pledge 1%

Thank you for sharing this great tip @Jan_DAlessandro! I can't wait to hear more at the event coming up on the 19th where you chat with Mark Nasiff ( @mnasiff ) and Brenley Brotman  about how to build and run a social impact program from the ground up with an equity pledge.

Thank you to Lookout for sharing their story! 


Rose Spitzer
Director, Pledge 1% Community

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