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All RoseSpitzer's Badges

RoseSpitzer has earned 12 badges!
  • Supportive Ally
    Supportive Ally
    Earned by 7
    Your encouragement and mentorship help the Pledge 1% Community thrive. For giving 50 kudos, you've received the Supportive Ally badge!
  • Rapid Responder
    Rapid Responder
    Earned by 215
    We love hand-raisers here at Pledge 1%. Thanks for your reply and keeping the conversation flowing!
  • Helping Hand
    Helping Hand
    Earned by 26
    Congratulations on earning the Helping Hand badge by offering your insights and support across five topics!
  • Frequent Contributor
    Frequent Contributor
    Earned by 7
    Your dedication shines through. Congratulations on reaching 15 replies and earning the Frequent Contributor badge within our community!
  • Impact Enthusiast
    Impact Enthusiast
    Earned by 5
    Your commitment to making a difference is admirable. Congratulations on 25 impactful replies and earning the Impact Enthusiast badge.
  • Pioneer Post
    Pioneer Post
    Earned by 126
    Congrats on earning the Pioneer Post badge for your first community topic. Your contributions enrich the Pledge 1% movement.
  • Discussion Starter
    Discussion Starter
    Earned by 18
    Congrats on earning the Discussion Starter badge for your fifth community topic. Your ongoing dedication to the Pledge 1% Community is admirable!
  • Change Catalyst
    Change Catalyst
    Earned by 9
    Well done on starting 15 new topics and earning the Change Catalyst badge! Thank you for making the Pledge 1% Community an enriching place to be.
  • Impactful Engager
    Impactful Engager
    Earned by 7
    Congratulations on starting 25 new topics and earning the Impactful Engager badge. Your posts are the heartbeat of our community, and we thank you!
  • Pledge 1% Employee
    Pledge 1% Employee
    Earned by 34
    With great power, comes great responsibility. Enjoy your new Employee access!
  • Picture of Trust
    Picture of Trust
    Earned by 907
    Congrats on updating your profile and earning the Picture of Trust badge. This is a great step towards building a trustworthy community presence.
  • Early Adopters
    Early Adopters
    Earned by 50
    You were one of our first Pledge 1% Community Members. Thank you for taking the lead and helping us launch the platform!